DataVault for Lawyers and Legal Firms

DataVault for Lawyers

Security is important. How are you protecting yourself from the next security breach?

If you are a lawyer chances are your work has to deal with sensitive or confidential information. It is important for you to protect your documents from unauthorized access and ensure they are getting to their destination in a format that can be handled safely.

Signup on DataVault and learn how you can send secure documents to your clients and colleagues — all in seconds.

Secure sharing with ease

Expecting things to be sent in a secure manner is nothing new. However, with the growth of digital and online transactions, secure document sharing has become increasingly important for all businesses. The risks that come with sending documents in email attachments are a common cause of data breaches. What you do need is a secured process that can protect your deals. This is especially crucial when you are dealing with sensitive details such as tax documents or financial information, make sure it is shared in a secure fashion before you hit send. Many organizations are using encryption services in order to verify the security level of its files as well as sending them externally. However, it demands a certain level of training and understanding for the receiving party to access the documents you shared with the encryption. Many times it leads to delays and frustrations especially when people are working with their mobile devices.

No additional login required

With DataVault, you can overcome friction of user experience, additional software downloads or software licenses. With just one click you can not only share multiple files in the Vault, your client or colleagues can also access documents with a click in their browser. Your clients and partners will thank you for not having them to create an additional account on another system to access these documents.

Secure As any other virtual data room

DataVault’s flexible and advanced security options allow you to set up individualized  link access controls for each user as you desire and change them on the go.

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