DataVault for Investment Bankers

DataVault for Investment Bankers

Grow your business with next level document analytics

Deal sourcing has become increasingly important to Investment Bankers. DataVault’s document analytics power your deal sourcing with a completely new level of power. Know your customers better with these insights at your fingertips.

Multiply the power of your existing team

DataVault lets you and your team access all the information you need quickly for prospect engagement. Multiply the power of your team of associates with documents that you need to share to keep them up-to-date on what prospects are interested in and what actions they are undertaking. The analytics within DataVault’s powerful document analytics function helps you tailor your follow-up approach to the prospects that you are most interested in. Through DataVault’s link sharing function, you can quickly share all the related documents and content with other people.

Your lightweight data room

With the ever-growing speed of M&A post COVID, financial advisors are busier than ever, working on more deals than ever. This, coupled with growing complexity around data sharing and M&A integration, has led to a record number of professionals seeking ways to streamline their workflows and reduce their overall cost of doing business in the process. DataVault is your lightweight inexpensive solution to get those documents online safely and securely. Sharing of multiple documents made easy with just one click. Each deal can be set up as a micro-site with its own branding and personalization. And what’s more you don’t have to worry about paying for your viewers access. It’s simple, accessible and secure all the way.

Collaborate with ease

Collaboration is key, so why not save time and hassle by creating DataVaults for each client? Share visibility into document stats, document performance, and manage link security settings. It’s never been easier to bring your clients together and get valuable insights for business. It’s easy to get lost in a flood of information.  Collaboration is the key, so set up an individual DataVault account for each client and switch across them.That’s why DataVault is here to help you manage this data with ease.

Advance Access Control

If you’re concerned about who’s accessing your data, an off-limits whitelist can help identify who will have access to confidential documents. DataVault advanced privacy settings protects whitelisting users, email addresses, or individual domains.

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