DataVault for Individuals

DataVault for Individuals

DataVault can be used by individuals in so many different ways for easy access and secure sharing of critical information.

Job Seekers

Securely share your application documents with employers and find out what they were interested in to succeed in the next interview.

Health Information

By using Datavault, you can easily keep track of your family’s vital health information, from their medical records to billings and medical history. Not only is it secure, but it also makes the process of accessing data incredibly easy.


DataVault helps you gather valuable insights into the information you are sharing. You’re in charge of your own data. The more secure it is, the better for your peace of mind.


Document analytics that make a tangible difference automated email blasts versus qualified deal sourcing. Know instantly when an opportunity is ripe for the picking. Know who your prospect is early on, and meet them where they are. Use DataVault’s advanced document analytics to see if your prospect is interested in one of your products/services, and tailor your follow-up approach based on that. Share all you need from within DataVault’s link sharing function.

Creative designers

The insights will become even more valuable when they are visualized in a clear, visual format. DataVault customers can view their analytics in a dynamic, easy-to-read dashboard that allows users to track all their key metrics and analyses. It’s a fast and incredibly simple tool that lets you see where and when consumers are viewing important documents such as a proposal or a design, as well as seeing when they leave.

Vault acts as a virtual data room where you can organize files into one central location. You can easily streamline your workflow by sharing multiple documents with a single link.

In general

When documents containing sensitive information are sent via email, it’s easy to be negligent in the way you use your personal computer. With all of the threats online, including hacking, malicious software, and identity theft, you need to make sure your digital life is protected every second.


A real-time view of your document analytics is now available in the DataVault. Access this data anytime to determine if you have a problem with your document, or outreach. DataVault is an analytics platform for documents that offers a real-time view of your data room from every aspect: traffic, conversions, and leads. Doing so will not only give you essential intelligence, but it can also save you time.

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