DataVault for Agencies

DataVault for agencies

The new normal for agencies

Regardless of the size or scope of your marketing projects, agencies understand that maintaining great communication and collaboration between the client and agency is key to success. Agencies have the ability to coordinate multiple projects simultaneously and maintain effective communication throughout each project, which can lead to successful outcomes.

Being able to switch between clients is a huge time saver. Sharing analytics between agencies enables them to understand what’s working and what’s not across campaigns, thereby improving client experiences and time management.

With analytics to more success

And for businesses, it’s crucial to know how their campaigns are doing. Which account do you want to use? Or do you want to switch agencies? No matter what agency you’re working with, having shared visibility into analytics is essential to helping them understand what’s working and what isn’t. This increased visibility not only saves customers time but also allows agencies to make the most of every dollar spent on an online campaign.

Agencies use DataVault’s advanced analytics tools to understand “what’s working” and what isn’t. While agencies can update and replace content at will, it’s important for clients to allow their sales teams and agencies access to all relevant data.

It’s in many ways like an inside scoop on what’s working and at what level. You get the visibility into every last piece of content and now it’s up to you to make those informed decisions on how to tweak and update. One of the key benefits is the update option. Anyone, the client, or agency can update content when necessary like media pitch. It gives you the power to update the marketing message and replace assets in DataVault without friction and without compromising on the end customer’s user experience.

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